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Transition Manager/TMO Manager


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Manages, monitors and mitigates issues/dependencies & discrepancies with the ongoing transition progress and informs the Transition Manager if/when needed.
• Ensures hyper care activities after IT Changes as part of transition activities executed, collects the necessary input to coordinate and update the project plans, including  critical path analysis for the transition phases, and supports project teams to describe work plans.
• Meeting facilities – Presides over daily and actively participates in weekly transition status meetings.
• Coordination – Coordinates transition activities with the respective technical and functional matter experts
• Stakeholder communication – Identifies stakeholders within the transition core team and plans communications
• Ensure that the transition plan meets the objectives and expectations of that specific phase at each stage
• Status Reporting – Publishes weekly transition dashboards and transition status reports (RAG report)
• Is responsible for sharing transition templates and checklists and ensures that stream management and technical matter experts closely monitor and manage them.
• Ensures that issues or transition disputes are resolved quickly and escalates to the TCS Transition Director and HFB Transition Manager for Unresolved Disputes

Start Date - 01.Jan.2021

Location - Belgium,Brussels

Project Duration - (6-12 months)

The candidate have to be English speaking.

Job Type: Full-time


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