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Overall owner of the Transition of TCS and responsible for all TCS transition deliveries.
• Participates in the steering committee (together with the transition core team) and the executive steering committee meeting (together with the Account Manager if necessary) for HFB and the service integration executor.
• Designs and monitors the overall transition plan and is the first escalation point for Transition-related issues.
• Monitors, tracks and reports on the progress of the transition according to the agreed objectives and milestones.
• Ensures that the Transition Management Office keeps up to date with the overall progress of the transition in the agreed period and ensures that the reporting mechanisms for the service levels are set up and operational.
• Ensures and takes responsibility for the TCS Transition Team to drive and comply with HFB's core principles, guidelines and practices.
• After Transition Closure, this role comes to an end, when the business-as-usual activities have been handed over to the Service Delivery Team(s)



Start Date - 01.Jan.2021

Location - Belgium,Brussels

Project Duration - (6-12 months)

The candidate have to be English speaking.

Job Type: Full-time


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