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The Transition Management Office support the Transition Director together with the HFB Transition Program Manager providing reporting information and advice on the overall progress, achievements, compliance and onboarding.
• Timely report an overview of the weekly transition status
• Prioritize transition-related work
• Revises and take appropriate measures to reduce the risk status
• Evaluate the issue status list, effects, mitigation options, and agree on corrective actions
• Adapt the detailed transition plans to the developments of the past week and the requirements of the coming weeks
• On and off boarding of team members to adhere to Flemish Government processes and procedures
• View and treat VO\HFB feedback
• Responsibility for escalation of transition related problems according to governance model and initiate resolution
• Adjust the transition milestones when approved and requested with the Flemish government official representatives
• Solving dependencies where applicable and capturing action/decision-making.

Start Date - 01.Jan.2021

Location - Belgium,Brussels

Project Duration - (6-12 months)

The candidate have to be English speaking.

Job Type: Full-time


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